Is It Possible to Use a Radar Detector on a Motorbike?


One of the things that those riding motorbikes complain about when they compare themselves with car drivers is that it is not possible for them to use a radar detector. Nothing is further than the truth. While installing a radar detector on a motorbike can be tricky, it is still doable and since road warriors like speeding up even more than car drivers, for them, this is a great gain.


The big news is that you can get a radar detector that is designed specifically for motorcycle use. As you can easily imagine, this one is smaller than units that usually go inside vehicles, and they have a special mounting system, so they do not become undone when you are riding on your motorbike. Of course, there are ingenious individuals who have already thought about adapting the radar detectors they already have to their motorbikes. Either way, it is possible to use a radar detector on a motorbike, and you can avoid getting speeding tickets while you are enjoying the open air, and the freedom of riding a motorcycle.

Keep in mind that you may need a special kind of mount that works with your motorcycle in case you want to get a regular model to work for you. The truth about specialized motorbike radar detectors is that while they have their advantages, because they are smaller and have fewer features, they are not as accurate as other models that are already very popular. So, the trick is to get the radar detector properly mounted on your motorcycle. There are online sources from where you can get such a mount, and there are even websites where mounts are listed by motorcycle type. You will not go wrong, no matter which way you choose.


For ease of use, I would suggest getting a mount for your smartphone, too. Since many radar detectors now come with their own apps that allow you to track the activity of the radar detector, it is quite a good thing to have your smartphone somewhere close where you can keep an eye on all the time. You will also need some cables and wiring and you will become able to mount a radar detector on your motorbike and enjoy all its benefits.


There are some more issues with having a radar detector work on a motorbike that may not feel that easy to address. The thing is that with the helmet on and all the noise of the highway around you, you may not be able to hear the beeping sound that signal that a speed trap is somewhere ahead. This is solved by getting a wireless receiver that makes the connection between your radar detector and your motorcycle helmet. This way, you will be able to hear the alarm right into your helmet, and you will have plenty of time to reduce speed and avoid a speeding ticket while enjoying a nice ride on your motorcycle.