Don’t forget to relax after exercising!


I’ve started my exercising routine a couple of months ago and I confess I’ve never felt better before. Exercising doesn’t only keep your body in shape, but also makes you feel great throughout the day and gives you plenty of energy to deal with whatever comes your way.

In the beginning, I started my training sessions with easy-to-do exercises, trying to establish a program that would train most muscle groups in my body, without damaging them. I never forgot to stretch, consuming large quantities of water and taking a day break after each training session. As a result, I could easily feel how my body became more and more fit and fat became muscles.

After a month or so, I began tackling machines that I couldn’t even begin to think about at my first training sessions and that – the proof that my physical condition was indeed improving – gave me the power to keep going. The first month is the most difficult when you start going to the gym, as it is the one when you establish your rhythm. This is also a crucial period, as you are constantly disappointed that you can’t see rapid improvement and muscles forming. It’s no use that everybody tells you to have patience and not to worry, as changes will come in two or three months, you just want them at that moment. That happens especially when you want to lose weight, you want the extra kilos to disappear rather fast and you feel like you put up with all the physical exercise in vain.

The feeling of hopelessness will disappear in time, as you gradually notice how your body changes its shape. What I’m trying to say is: don’t give up in the beginning, it gets a lot easier after the first month.

You begin to see major results after the second month, especially if you follow the program indicated by your trainer. Once you learn how your body works and what the best physical exercises for you are, you can develop your own routine.

What you need to keep in mind once you start a constant training program is that recovering from training and allowing your body to rest are as important as exercising itself. Sport and physical training shouldn’t exhaust you or give you muscle pain after each session. Once your muscles settle in a rhythm, they will cope with the training sessions successfully.

Unfortunately, in the beginning, your body will feel the unpleasant effects of constant physical efforts. Fortunately, there are a few ways through which you can fight them. My favorite relaxation activity is taking a foot bath in the evenings, not anyhow, but using a foot spa, that you can find easily for sale. These are specially designed instruments that help you relax your feet and your entire body in warm water, while providing you with a soft massage to alleviate muscle pain and joint pain. They are really amazing for your feet and, if you use the right ingredients, they will also hydrate your feet making them soft and pleasant to touch.


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