I’ve decided to save money by making my favorite food at home



I have a tendency to splurge on food when I am too lazy to cook at home. I have been through dozens of restaurant and delivery menus. The spending becomes even worse when I travel, as I basically rely on hotel concierges for recommendations on eateries, and they basically only have a set list of touristy and pricey spots near the hotel for suggestions.

A much better way to eat and save money is to learn to shop for foodstuff at small groceries, supermarkets, farmers’ markets and the pantry aisles of drug stores. With some fresh bread, perhaps some tortillas, slices of meat, cheese and vegetables, I can save money while only spending a few dollars each time. This is an even more attractive concept since I love Mexican food, and taquerias that serve authentic tacos and quesadillas can be quite on the pricey side.



I bought a quesadilla maker that was highly recommended on this fantastic review site. The machine has enabled me to make my favorite dinner item, the quesadilla. Everything has been easier on the pocket as a result. I only need simple utensils to cook fantastic quesadillas. You only need a spatula to pry the cooked quesadilla from the cooking surface, which is typically non stick for convenient cooking and cleanups. The quesadilla maker I own creates grooves or slices on the cooked quesadilla so I often do not even need a knife. More info about quesadilla makers can be found on –> kingquesadilla.com.

Quesadillas also offer an innovative way to use leftover meats. They ensure that you won’t be wasting money on spoiled leftovers since you can always use leftover meat that you can saute with some onions to make meaty quesadillas. As for cheese, I go to the dairy case in stores where deli cheese is available in plainer packaging while being sold at a lower price compared to a deli counter.

Instead of purchasing multi-packs of produce, I simply buy items by the piece, which is cheaper per pound. Thus, I can buy avocado or guacamole, red and green bell pepper, and other veggies that I’d like to add in my quesadillas at a much cheaper price. I avoid buying pre cut meat, since it can be cheaper to just buy one big roast for instance, then have the bone removed for soup, to run half of it through the grinder to make hamburger patties, and then save the rest for pot roast and steaks. I divide large portions into smaller ones before freezing, so I only take what I need when I need it. Click here to read more about how to choose a new quesadilla maker.

I make sure to check the dates of perishable meat and dairy products in my fridge, as they are the most expensive items on my grocery list. This will help me decide whether to place them in the freezer when I no longer have the time and energy to cook meals from scratch.