Best accessories for drill press


  1. Magnetic bit holder and bits – magnetic bit holder saves a ton of time by accepting any screw in driving bits. The bit holder has different lengths. It prevents the screw from falling off, and it also nails the screw in the surface at a faster rate.
  2. Rotary Rasp – rotary rasp grinds wood and plastics equally well. You have to lean on the drill to remove a lot of material as you work and have to use a file or a sand paper to smooth any marks that may appear. Rotary Rasp helps you to widen and to shape holes in wood and plastics. You can clean the rasp with an old toothbrush.
  3. Hex bit – by adding a hex bit to your drill kit, you can join sheet metal, repair appliances, and drive concrete fasteners. Each hex bit can drive one fixed size of a hex head screw.
  4. Self-centering hinge bits – directly guide the tapered nose of your self-centering hinge bits into the countersunk of the rim of your hinge. You have to turn on the drill and push. You can drill accurate holes with speed and confidence. This accuracy ensures that the holes you create will permit screws to seat correctly.
  5. Drywall bit – the drywall bit will secure the screw to drive into the panel to an accurate depth. The face of the panel will be dimpled but not weakened that would be ready for drywall taping. Using a drywall bit, you can hang drywall sheets faster. Do not push the drill too hard to avoid driving the screw too deep. This is usually used in drilling with a 12-inch Drill press.