Best lures for bass fishing


When choosing a the type of lure, an angler must take a lot of aspects into consideration. Different species are attracted to different prey, fishing tackle supports different weights and the weather and water conditions are likely to influence the visibility and appeal of different lures. Also, it is important to know what is the water depth you will have to place the lure at in order to get the fish to bite. It is therefore crucial to understand the traits of the species you plan to fish, what they like to eat and where are they usually found.

Bass is commonly known as a fierce predator. It eats living, moving prey, so a lure must render a great resemblance to a living creature. But more important than the actual aspect is the way the lure moves through water. Softer plastic or rubber lures will render a trembling, wobbly movement that have good chances of fooling the bass. They also allow a better positioning on the hook and might give you a better hooking set once the fish bit.

Still, bass also eats differently depending on the season. This is why, it is recommended that you use bright, coloured lures in the winter and silver, chrome or natural, soft colours in the summertime, especially if you’re having a sunny, clear day.

Whichever the case, since no angler can give you the absolute best lure tip, you must first decide between the different categories of artificial lures out there: spinnerbaits, crankbaits, topwater lures, jigs, swimbait lures, rubber worms and such.

Crankbaits are one of the best lures for bass, with a high number of catches, but you need to be a skilled caster for a correct and fruitful presentation. Jigs are work better when fished slowly, and go well for cover areas.

Plastic or rubber worms are a great lure because of their compatibility with every season and water condition. You can use any size and still have a fat chance to go home with a big bass.

Another versatile type of lure that you can cast in every season is the spinnerbait. This is a type of lure that works perfectly within bass classic covers such as fishing grass, brush or stump fields. Just like in the case of most bass lures, make sure you upgrade the size of the lure as you tranzit to winter fishing.

No matter how excited you get about one particular category of lure, it is best that you bring along more than one so you can switch rapidly if the bass is squeamish. You can always use an old bass fishing trick: when it is fighting, the bass empties its stomach and you can usually make out what it has been feeding on that day. You will thus have an idea about what type of lure has the best chances to work.

Our pick for the best bass lure is the rubber worm, because of its versatility and accounts of success, but remember to give a try to more than one category, as you can never know what will suit you best until you’ve tried it.

How I use my fish finder while ice fishing

Instead of choosing a flasher, I decided to pick a regular fish finder that I could utilize while ice fishing as well as during the spring and summer, when I would join in on fishing expeditions along with my friends. The model that I ended up choosing is the FishHunter Pro, which I have found to be one of the fastest and most capable portable models available on the market today. Part of the reason that I decided selecting this model over any others is that I can use my mobile devices, which in this case, consist of my iPhone 5s.

I’ll start out by detailing both the advantages and disadvantages of this option. One of the first factors that I had to analyze was the maximum depth I could use to get the readings. Soon enough, I realized that the FishHunter Pro has a depth of up to 150 feet, which is significantly lower when compared to flashers, which usually offer readings up to 200 feet. Even so, this doesn’t seem to be a drawback as I practice ice fishing for fun. The neat thing about this affordable fish finder for ice fishing is that it comes with a complementary flasher app designed for ice fishing, which practically lets me use the transducer just as I would when using such a sonar. In order to activate this mode, I have to perform some changes to the settings. I usually click the sonar icon located at the bottom of the app screen, then select the ice fishing option. I need to mention that this box needs to be unticked once you’re done with your ice fishing session, otherwise you’ll be confused the next time when angling on the shore, in spring. Once I select the option, I open the sonar screen and am able to look at the results of my ice fishing scans.

There are two types of displays – raw data mode or flasher view. Since I have used flashers before, I usually select the flasher view as I’m more than capable to discern what’s being displayed on the screen of the iPhone. Once I’m in this mode, I can see the depth of the water and the lure I’m using as tiny blue lines to the right of the circle. Each time a fish moves from the bottom toward my lure, I can see it by just glancing at the display of my smartphone. Sometimes, I want to look both at the flasher and the raw data mode side by side, which is why I make sure to go back to the settings, keep the ice fishing mode activated, but also select the landscape function, as well.

I know some people wonder if using mobile phones while out ice fishing is the right thing to do, as they can be affected by cold temperatures, but I’ve noticed that the model I own doesn’t malfunction under these circumstances. I was able to catch a lot of fish thanks to the FishHunter Pro, so I couldn’t recommend it more. It’s well worth every penny, and it cost me less than two hundred dollars.

How to start a fire when camping


Camping is just not the same unless there is a fire burning. It is where you gather to tell stories, toast marshmallows and build great memories with friends and family. A campfire can also be used to scare nocturnal visitors away, along with any lingering fears of the dark. Before you light just any conveniently placed pile of wood there are a few things you need to consider to ensure that your campfire is safe and enjoyable, and not a danger to yourself or the environment.


Tips on starting a campfire

The first and most important aspect to consider is where you are going to build your fire. Some established campsites come with a marked fire ring or pit, but if you are in a more remote location it will be up to you to use your common sense. Obviously you want to find a flat, dry area that is well away from your truck tent and the rest of your gear. Even if you are lucky enough to own a tent that is flame resistant this doesn’t mean that it can’t catch on fire. Not only can truck tents be expensive to replace, it is simply dangerous to have any type of material that close to an open flame.

If you have planned ahead and brought your own firewood then you are ready to start arranging it in a pile, but if you are gathering it on site there are a few things you will want to look for. The kindling should be dry and gathered off of the ground, and it should also not be wider than the size of a standard adult wrist. Once you have the wood in place here are a few quick tips on how to place it for a long burning campfire.


There are three main styles of campfires, teepee, log cabin and upside-down.

Teepee: Arrange the smaller pieces of kindling so they make a cone shape structure and once it is steadily burning add the larger pieces of wood one at a time as needed.

Log cabin: Take two of the larger pieces of wood and lay them parallel to each other with a little space in between. Next use two smaller pieces to form a square on top and fill the center with kindling. Keep building “squares” on top of each other, each one smaller than the other, filling the center as you go. The space in between the logs is important to ensure the fire gets plenty of oxygen, and the top layer of loose kindling will help to keep it going.

Upside-down: This is similar to the “log cabin” style campfire except the base uses three or four of the largest logs that are laid down side by side. The additional layers are constructed out of smaller logs, and the top should have the kindling laid across it.

Once you have built the fire it is time to light it, and every camper should have a pack of waterproof matches. It is also extremely important that you make sure that the fire is completely extinguished before you leave the area or else you could be responsible for creating a devastating wildfire. The best method is to continuously pour water on the embers and ashes until they are cool, and some experience campers also cover the remains with dry sand or dirt as an added precaution.




Don’t forget to relax after exercising!


I’ve started my exercising routine a couple of months ago and I confess I’ve never felt better before. Exercising doesn’t only keep your body in shape, but also makes you feel great throughout the day and gives you plenty of energy to deal with whatever comes your way.

In the beginning, I started my training sessions with easy-to-do exercises, trying to establish a program that would train most muscle groups in my body, without damaging them. I never forgot to stretch, consuming large quantities of water and taking a day break after each training session. As a result, I could easily feel how my body became more and more fit and fat became muscles.

After a month or so, I began tackling machines that I couldn’t even begin to think about at my first training sessions and that – the proof that my physical condition was indeed improving – gave me the power to keep going. The first month is the most difficult when you start going to the gym, as it is the one when you establish your rhythm. This is also a crucial period, as you are constantly disappointed that you can’t see rapid improvement and muscles forming. It’s no use that everybody tells you to have patience and not to worry, as changes will come in two or three months, you just want them at that moment. That happens especially when you want to lose weight, you want the extra kilos to disappear rather fast and you feel like you put up with all the physical exercise in vain.

The feeling of hopelessness will disappear in time, as you gradually notice how your body changes its shape. What I’m trying to say is: don’t give up in the beginning, it gets a lot easier after the first month.

You begin to see major results after the second month, especially if you follow the program indicated by your trainer. Once you learn how your body works and what the best physical exercises for you are, you can develop your own routine.

What you need to keep in mind once you start a constant training program is that recovering from training and allowing your body to rest are as important as exercising itself. Sport and physical training shouldn’t exhaust you or give you muscle pain after each session. Once your muscles settle in a rhythm, they will cope with the training sessions successfully.

Unfortunately, in the beginning, your body will feel the unpleasant effects of constant physical efforts. Fortunately, there are a few ways through which you can fight them. My favorite relaxation activity is taking a foot bath in the evenings, not anyhow, but using a foot spa, that you can find easily for sale. These are specially designed instruments that help you relax your feet and your entire body in warm water, while providing you with a soft massage to alleviate muscle pain and joint pain. They are really amazing for your feet and, if you use the right ingredients, they will also hydrate your feet making them soft and pleasant to touch.


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Thinking about retiring and hitting the road in an RV

If you already have an RV, living on it is an extremely economical way to live. You can go on an adventure a while and save money while you are in it but make sure that your RV GPS Units are turned on for you to avoid getting lost. You can save a lot of gas if you stay in one place for a long period of time. You don’t need more than one car, you don’t have to maintain a yard, and it is less expensive to heat and cool an RV compared to a large home. That is why the idea of an RV retirement is very attractive. Any retirement plan requires extensive thinking and preparation. The most exciting thing about RV retirement is that you can be a full-time camper and you can travel anytime you want.

Tips for Cheap RV Living


  • Think how you will downsize into RV retirement – living in an RV after you retire means that you won’t have a lot of space for your stuff.
  • Prepare yourself emotionally – letting go is truly liberating and shedding stuff from a big house to a motorhome is quite emotional.
  • Think of your RV retirement as a liberation – your daily life will be so simple and you will have a little worry on a daily basis.
  • Learn to let go if your retirement plan is a full-time RV living – living on the road means that you have to say goodbye not only to your family and friends but also to the persons that you have a relationship with.
  • Buy a good RV GPS like Garmin RV 760LMT. It will help you big time.


Who can resist the call of an open road, the beautiful places of the country that you could feast your eyes, and the desire to watch the sun as it come up and go down in new places? Retiring in an RV is also a great opportunity to meet new people who share an adventurous spirit. You will also face challenges when you decide to live full time in an RV. You need to drive and to maintain your new home on wheels. You will also have a chance to travel to many places and experience a bigger world. You also have the opportunity to visit your old friends and family living in other places. Living in an RV gives you freedom.

My new aquarium toy

I’m an amateur fisherman but one of my greatest hobbies is keeping my aquarium in top shape. I have a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fish that have had multiple pathological issues over time, which is why I tend to investigate the topic online and find out how I can take the environment in my aquariums to a whole new level. Buying treatment for these kinds of fish is quite expensive and I’m not willing to consult the opinion of a pathologist every time. This is the reason I decided to buy a pump for aquariums.

Once I started reading about these items, I quickly came to the conclusion that I had three choices. There was the Hagen Fluval Sea, the Aqueon 34500 ProFlex Model 1, and the Jecod/Jebao DCT. Things might have changed from when I did my research, but at the time I decided to choose the Aqueon as it seemed to be in complete accordance with my requirements. I’m not necessarily the most tech-savvy individual on the planet, which is why I needed a pump that was easy to set up. Fortunately, from what I gathered by reading various consumer reports, the installation of this one was a breeze.

What I like the most about the Aqueon 34500 ProFlex Model 1 is the fact that it’s capable of providing an advanced biological filtration. What this means for me is that it’s able to remove extra particles and therefore, I don’t need to filtrate and change the water in the aquarium as often as I would if it weren’t for the pump.



Another factor that I found attractive in this product is that it doesn’t make a whole lot of noise. I’ve heard about many units that are so noisy that they even manage to scare off the fish. I didn’t want to stress them out mainly as I recently had finished administering a treatment prescribed by their pathologist. For now, the Aqueon is the most convenient aquarium sump pump in spite of the fact that I don’t have a large reef application. However, if I do decide to get one in the future, I will be able to use the same product and therefore save some money that I would spend on getting a new separate pump.

In my opinion, the Aqueon 34500 ProFlex Model 1 offers excellent value for the price. Of course, the cost of the unit per se might differ significantly from one retailer to the next, but once I did my homework on the topic, I reached the conclusion that Amazon was offering it for a reasonable price. As you can imagine, I am trying to do my best to take care of my tropical fish, which is why I’m resolute on maintaining and growing their environment.

One thing that I have to mention is that the Aqueon is a bit on the heavy and larger side when compared to some of its counterparts. I don’t find this to be a disadvantage as I was able to place it in a small cabinet that I have below my aquarium. In short, if you’re imaginative enough to try to conceal the pump, you can do so without too much effort.

Why I’m disappointed with the Eton NFR160WXB Microlink


I consider weather radios to be a must have device in any household. Especially in the tornado season, I find that not having one risky, and I would never expose myself and my family to the risk. However, I had the same weather radio for many years, until it broke this year, in March. I was extremely concerned with that and I hurried to find a good replacement for my old radio. However, because I was in a hurry, I didn’t spend enough time checking for the best replacement, I found the Eton model, thought it was a good deal for all the features included and I ordered it immediately.

This is a really small unit that fits in the palm of your hand and it is quite lightweight, so I was all the more impressed with what the manufacturers have managed to put in it. The radio comes with a hand-crank generator, a built-in solar panel, a LED flashlight, and an USB port to charge a mobile phone.

I started using it immediately, as I wasn’t going to wait the tornado to knock at my door. However, it took me a while to set the right frequency as the tuning controls are quite sensitive and, for this small unit I would have expected something more steady. In the end, I managed to successfully set the frequency. Still, I was quite disappointed with the audio clarity and I can’t really stay with my ear stuck to product to be able to know the latest weather news. At some times, the radio even loses the channel it’s broadcasting. I won’t think about what will happen to the signal during a storm.

In addition, the manufacturers advertise that it can charge phones, and the unit does charge mine, however, my son has an iPhone and it doesn’t work for it. I have read that many people have dealt with this problem after purchasing this radio and I believe it would only be fair to let people know about these details, especially since many possess iPhones. Moreover, I wouldn’t even think of the flashlight to guide my way through the dark, as it only produces a faded beam of light. I do agree that this a basic product, coming with an accessible price, but, what I don’t understand is why endow a simple weather radio with so many functions that do not work properly? I would prefer a simple weather radio, instead of this one, that will let me down in emergency cases.

The hand-crank generator works fine, but when it comes to the quality of its material, I wouldn’t crank it with more speed as I’m afraid it might break. Luckily, you can keep it tucked away in the safe place at the back of your radio. I wouldn’t recommend buying it, instead invest in a more reliable product, as I will probably be forced to soon.

Best accessories for drill press


  1. Magnetic bit holder and bits – magnetic bit holder saves a ton of time by accepting any screw in driving bits. The bit holder has different lengths. It prevents the screw from falling off, and it also nails the screw in the surface at a faster rate.
  2. Rotary Rasp – rotary rasp grinds wood and plastics equally well. You have to lean on the drill to remove a lot of material as you work and have to use a file or a sand paper to smooth any marks that may appear. Rotary Rasp helps you to widen and to shape holes in wood and plastics. You can clean the rasp with an old toothbrush.
  3. Hex bit – by adding a hex bit to your drill kit, you can join sheet metal, repair appliances, and drive concrete fasteners. Each hex bit can drive one fixed size of a hex head screw.
  4. Self-centering hinge bits – directly guide the tapered nose of your self-centering hinge bits into the countersunk of the rim of your hinge. You have to turn on the drill and push. You can drill accurate holes with speed and confidence. This accuracy ensures that the holes you create will permit screws to seat correctly.
  5. Drywall bit – the drywall bit will secure the screw to drive into the panel to an accurate depth. The face of the panel will be dimpled but not weakened that would be ready for drywall taping. Using a drywall bit, you can hang drywall sheets faster. Do not push the drill too hard to avoid driving the screw too deep. This is usually used in drilling with a 12-inch Drill press.


Is It Possible to Use a Radar Detector on a Motorbike?


One of the things that those riding motorbikes complain about when they compare themselves with car drivers is that it is not possible for them to use a radar detector. Nothing is further than the truth. While installing a radar detector on a motorbike can be tricky, it is still doable and since road warriors like speeding up even more than car drivers, for them, this is a great gain.


The big news is that you can get a radar detector that is designed specifically for motorcycle use. As you can easily imagine, this one is smaller than units that usually go inside vehicles, and they have a special mounting system, so they do not become undone when you are riding on your motorbike. Of course, there are ingenious individuals who have already thought about adapting the radar detectors they already have to their motorbikes. Either way, it is possible to use a radar detector on a motorbike, and you can avoid getting speeding tickets while you are enjoying the open air, and the freedom of riding a motorcycle.

Keep in mind that you may need a special kind of mount that works with your motorcycle in case you want to get a regular model to work for you. The truth about specialized motorbike radar detectors is that while they have their advantages, because they are smaller and have fewer features, they are not as accurate as other models that are already very popular. So, the trick is to get the radar detector properly mounted on your motorcycle. There are online sources from where you can get such a mount, and there are even websites where mounts are listed by motorcycle type. You will not go wrong, no matter which way you choose.


For ease of use, I would suggest getting a mount for your smartphone, too. Since many radar detectors now come with their own apps that allow you to track the activity of the radar detector, it is quite a good thing to have your smartphone somewhere close where you can keep an eye on all the time. You will also need some cables and wiring and you will become able to mount a radar detector on your motorbike and enjoy all its benefits.


There are some more issues with having a radar detector work on a motorbike that may not feel that easy to address. The thing is that with the helmet on and all the noise of the highway around you, you may not be able to hear the beeping sound that signal that a speed trap is somewhere ahead. This is solved by getting a wireless receiver that makes the connection between your radar detector and your motorcycle helmet. This way, you will be able to hear the alarm right into your helmet, and you will have plenty of time to reduce speed and avoid a speeding ticket while enjoying a nice ride on your motorcycle.

Electric Broom vs Vacuum Cleaner

Most of us are used to vacuum cleaning as the main cleaning method in our homes. But with changing times, we cannot deny the fact that the ever changing technologies have changed most of our fantasies and imaginations, into reality. There will always be new discoveries, upgraded tools and helpful innovations, to give us more comfort and of course more flexibility. We own houses that doesn’t have furniture and other stuff arranged to make vacuum cleaning an easier chore. A vacuum cleaner can’t reach all the nooks and corners of a house and also underneath the furniture, due to its structure. But, an electric broom gives us an option to make our houses cleaner, because of its flexible structure. Here are 4 major reasons why electric brooms are better than vacuum cleaners:

Light-weight– Even though electric brooms work the same as vacuum cleaners do, electric brooms are specially made easy to carry and operate in any part of your house. Not only had that, being light-weight also mean that you have to spend less energy and efforts to clean your house. Obviously, using an easy-to-carry appliance all around your home is easier than using a heavy one.

Small and handy– Another good thing about electric brooms is that they are smaller in size than a vacuum cleaner and handy as well. You don’t have to look for a large space for its storage after use (like what you have to do with a vacuum cleaner). Instead, you can simply stock it where you keep all the brooms and mops you have at home. It saves a lot of space.

Easy to use– Usually, with new and improved appliances, one of the biggest problems you may face, is the complicated set of instructions to follow. However, electric brooms don’t pose such issues. Using it is as easy as 1 2 3! You can quickly learn about its features and all the settings or options to apply in different situations.

Cordless– Even though there are a few electric brooms with power cords, most of the preferred ones are cordless. These are battery operated brooms and come with replaceable batteries. The good thing about the cordless electric brooms is that you don’t need to change its batteries too often. The benefit you get is that you don’t have to look for a power socket and you can clean each and every corner of your house with ease.

With an electric broom to help you, you are ready to get a sparkling clean home and loads of appreciation from your family.




I’ve decided to save money by making my favorite food at home



I have a tendency to splurge on food when I am too lazy to cook at home. I have been through dozens of restaurant and delivery menus. The spending becomes even worse when I travel, as I basically rely on hotel concierges for recommendations on eateries, and they basically only have a set list of touristy and pricey spots near the hotel for suggestions.

A much better way to eat and save money is to learn to shop for foodstuff at small groceries, supermarkets, farmers’ markets and the pantry aisles of drug stores. With some fresh bread, perhaps some tortillas, slices of meat, cheese and vegetables, I can save money while only spending a few dollars each time. This is an even more attractive concept since I love Mexican food, and taquerias that serve authentic tacos and quesadillas can be quite on the pricey side.



I bought a quesadilla maker that was highly recommended on this fantastic review site. The machine has enabled me to make my favorite dinner item, the quesadilla. Everything has been easier on the pocket as a result. I only need simple utensils to cook fantastic quesadillas. You only need a spatula to pry the cooked quesadilla from the cooking surface, which is typically non stick for convenient cooking and cleanups. The quesadilla maker I own creates grooves or slices on the cooked quesadilla so I often do not even need a knife. More info about quesadilla makers can be found on –>

Quesadillas also offer an innovative way to use leftover meats. They ensure that you won’t be wasting money on spoiled leftovers since you can always use leftover meat that you can saute with some onions to make meaty quesadillas. As for cheese, I go to the dairy case in stores where deli cheese is available in plainer packaging while being sold at a lower price compared to a deli counter.

Instead of purchasing multi-packs of produce, I simply buy items by the piece, which is cheaper per pound. Thus, I can buy avocado or guacamole, red and green bell pepper, and other veggies that I’d like to add in my quesadillas at a much cheaper price. I avoid buying pre cut meat, since it can be cheaper to just buy one big roast for instance, then have the bone removed for soup, to run half of it through the grinder to make hamburger patties, and then save the rest for pot roast and steaks. I divide large portions into smaller ones before freezing, so I only take what I need when I need it. Click here to read more about how to choose a new quesadilla maker.

I make sure to check the dates of perishable meat and dairy products in my fridge, as they are the most expensive items on my grocery list. This will help me decide whether to place them in the freezer when I no longer have the time and energy to cook meals from scratch.



The best fruit to mix with yogurt

Yogurt is cosmopolitan and quite versatile. It can be mixed with nuts and fruits in a variety of recipes. In addition, yogurt makes a fantastic snack and a terrific breakfast.It would even be more fantastic if you can cook your own yogurt using a good quality yogurt maker, which is easily available at your favorite online selling sites. When you have your own yogurt maker, you can enjoy healthy living and eating since you can control what goes into the yogurt you eat. Adding just the right kinds of fruits will make yogurt taste even more incredible.

You can make a simple yogurt with fruit recipe using a chopped apple, raisins, seedless grapes, sliced bananas, and berries in season. Mix all the fruits together, then top with yogurt. You can also do a variation of this recipe by mixing the fruits and yogurt together. How about a full medley of fruits with yogurt? You can simply toss some strawberries, pineapple, mangoes, grapes and raspberries together with some yogurt and drizzle with a bit of honey. This recipe uses fresh fruits so you’ve got all the nutrients packed into a low-fat dessert or breakfast.


I also like putting together chopped mixed nuts, a bit of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, a slice banana and a handful of berries, either frozen or defrosted, plus some yogurt I flavor with a bit of vanilla. I layer the ingredients in a bowl and sit down to a filling and healthy meal or dessert.

I believe banana is number one when it comes to using yogurt as a topper. Try this banana, walnut and honey Greek yogurt recipe, which needs sliced banana, walnuts, some clover honey and some Greek yogurt. Add a dash of cinnamon for more flavor. Or take some Greek yogurt, toss a sliced kiwi into it and drizzle a small amount of agave nectar. Voila! You have a fantastic and simple fruit-and-yogurt dessert.


I also love using martini or parfait glasses, into which I put sliced fig layered with Greek yogurt. I alternate the yogurt and fruit till the glass is filled, then drizzle my creation with some honey. This makes an instant fruitini that is healthy and non-intoxicating. Sometimes, I won’t need to have fruit slices in my yogurt. I just take some Greek yogurt, and drizzle it with some clover honey, zest from a key lime plus a squeeze of key lime juice. To temper the acidity of the lime, I add a bit of vanilla extract. This recipe delivers a tantalizing mixture of sweet, sour and creamy in a glass of healthy yogurt.